Fuselage side skin riveting started

I finished dimpling and riveted most of the mid fuselage side skins, and the rear part of the forward side skins which will go underneath the mid-cabin deck (which is the next step, and will make it nearly impossible to get to some of those rivets). I did all the rivets I could do by myself:

Right mid side skin almost fully riveted to the understructure

Left mid side skin mostly riveted to the understructure

Center section side plate and center section bulkheads partially riveted to the side skin

Longeron fully riveted to the side skin

Some of these are relatively hard to reach with the bucking bar and/or only visible with a mirror:

Hard-to-reach and hard-to-see rivets underneath the outboard rib flange

Lots more riveting to come...

Time lapse:

Total fuselage side skin rivets: 724
Total fuselage side skin time: 120.5h

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