Fuselage side skin primer

Primer day!

We had quite a few parts to prime, so this took most of a day between scuffing with Prekote and applying the primer:

Fuselage side skin parts ready to scuff and prime

Lots of smaller parts to prime, from various sections (mostly section 29)

After many hours of work, the results were pretty good:

Primed parts (longerons, floors, cover, mid-cabin decks, etc.) laying on the fuselage

Primed forward side skins

Primed mid-fuselage side skins

Checking for primer defects

Primed small parts

I also took the opportunity to touch up on the primer of the side angles I had trimmed for access before:

Trimmed firewall side angle corner ready for primer touch-up

Touched-up firewall side angle corner

Once this cures, on to riveting!

Time lapse:

Total fuselage side skin time: 92.8h

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