Control approach rudder pedal test-fitting

Before the skins were on, I wanted to test-fit the Control Approach pedals, so I jumped ahead to section 38 (which I can skip a large portion of). I started by match-drilling the bearing block mount plates to the bearing blocks, and then final-drilling the holes through the blocks. These are the standard bearing blocks that Van's provides:

Drilling through the delrin bearing block with the drill press

With that, I put them together, then attached them to the blocks:

Control Approach pedals

Pedal attachment points

Pedal attachment points, temporarily fastened

Full pedals, temporarily fastened together
I then mounted the pedals in place, using the aft hole in the bearing blocks, with the mount plate attached at the forward position:

Pedals in place in the fuselage
It was then time to match-drill the center delrin block to the rudder pedal brace flange above it - that block is not the one provided by Van's, but rahter one provided by Control Approach:

Position of the bearing block top half against the rudder pedal brace

Rudder pedal brace, match-drilled to the center bearing block

Center bearing block in place around the pedals

Control Approach pedals fully attached in place

With all this done, I can be confident that it'll be easy to attach the pedals again after the surroundings are on.

Time lapse:

Total rudder pedal time: 1.8h

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