Fuselage side skin deburring and countersinking

Coming back to section 29, I trimmed the corners of the firewall side angles to have room to drill and later rivet the side channels:

Corner of the firewall side angle to trim off

Trimmed firewall side angle

Hole that can be reached with the trimmed firewall side angle

Drilling the hole that requires firewall side-angle trimming

Checking for rivet set clearance against the trimmed firewall side angle

I then started deburring and machine-countersinking all the parts - there were a lot of parts, and that took over 20 hours of work in itself:

Deburred and machine-countersunk forward channels

Machine-countersunk bulkhead side channel
Machine-countersunk longerons

The only dimpling I did before primer was that around the baggage door opening, so that I could remove and deburr that area without the later dimpling deforming the skin:

Baggage door around which dimpling needs to be done before primer

Dimpled and deburred baggage door area

With this, all parts are ready for primer.

Time lapse:

Total fuselage side skin time: 85.4h

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