Rudder sealed

I finished preparing the rudder for closing down, which involved installing a nutplate on the spar for bonding, which I installed close to one of the attachment nutplates in order to take advantage of both its doubler and later the opening through the rolled leading edge (for the bonding strap):

Nut plates: smaller for bonding and larger for attachment
We then proceeded to applying the sealant and join the two skins. The sealant instructions look very very cryptic - dasher rod? ram rod? Luckily, I found this RV-12 blog which literally translates them to something understandable :) Sealant mixed and applied, we proceeded to rivet the two skins together while rolling the top skin up (no pictures of the process - we were too busy and messy to play with cameras - but it's in the time lapse):

Fully join rudder skins (including the bottom rib)

Weights on the trailing edge to hold the sealant and skins together

That also involved riveting the two skins together:

Pop rivets joining the two skins together

Time lapse:

If it appears that one part of the video is going faster than another, that's because it is - I accidentally recorded a full day of work in regular 1080p 30fps mode - I sped that up 8x, but that's still slower than the 2fps I usually record time lapse in.

Total rudder time: 40.9h
Total rudder rivets: 234

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