Out of rivets, but making progress

I've riveted more than half of the vertical stabilizer:

But then, sadly, when it was time to rivet the top rib, I ran out of AN426AD3-3.5 rivets (probably because I stepped up a half size from -3 when doing the rudder stiffeners due to the dimple depth):

Out of rivets :(
Were it not for this, I might have finished the VS today, since the remaining rivets are all squeezed and thus easier to set. I have more rivets on order (of multiple sizes, just to be sure), and meanwhile the progress on the rudder is also stalled (since the counterweight rib was the next thing to rivet, which also takes -3.5s) - I guess it's time for another round of priming to start riveting the horizontal stabilizer together.

Meanwhile, the inside rivets actually came out quite good (only 3 needed replacement, which has been amazingly easy to do since I got this tool), except for a few scratches on the primer from hitting it with the bucking bar:

Time lapse:

Total vertical stabilizer time: 58h
Total vertical stabilizer rivets: 234

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