Avionics rebundling progress

I shortened/moved the IBBS wire bundle (which also needed labeling the wires), the CO detector bundle, and the yaw trim bundle:

Pinning and labeling shortened IBBS wire bundle

Shortened IBBS wire bundle

Original, very long yaw trim relay bundle

Shortened yaw trim relay bundle in place

I also finished the roll servo breakout connector, keeping it as DB15 with the same pinout as the GSA28 itself so that I can directly plug the CAN bus terminator to it:

Roll GSA28 breakout connector with CAN terminator (until the wings are attached)

I then finally wired the EFII display connector and circuit breakers (may still need some cleanup/bundling later):

EFII display and circuit breakers connected to ECUs/power

EFII display and circuit breakers with all wiring in place (still not very organized)

After securing the main bundle to the panel, I wired all the switches:

Left-side switch connectors

and then updated the power connections to reflect both the VP-X bank analysis I mentioned in the previous post and the updates for the Ziptip Vegas (as well as shortening the long bundles):

Shortened left-side VP-X wire bundles

Shortened right-side VP-X wire bundles

VP-X with shortened wire bundles

Unrelated to the wiring, there was a discussion about the 120° clearance cone required for the GHA15, which made me measure it again for my install - it is indeed close to the main gear, but just about clears it - I could increase the clearance a bit by moving the antenna a few inches forward, but that'd require relocating the fuel pumps too (at least moving them up to clear the antenna connector), which I wanted to avoid:

Tip of the GHA15 120° clearance cone near the main gear

Next, I'll finish the power wiring by also shortening the fuse block wires, and all the ground wires (which also need to be labeled, none of them currently are). I decided to not try to shorten the GAD29 wires, but that'll be the only long bundle left. I also need to update some of the light switches for the Vegas ziptips (adding the recognition lights, and moving the wig-wag to the taxi light switch).

With this, I'll be doing the long, tedious work of doing a continuity check on all the in-panel connections (I'll later do the same for the tailcone and overhead connections, once I've finished the breakout connectors) - maybe by the next post I'll be able to turn on some of the avionics again.

Time lapse:

Total avionics rivets: 161
Total avionics time: 211.9h

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