Ground/power wiring finished

I shortened/rerouted the fuse block wire bundle:

Fuse block and door relay wiring

I also finished wiring the VP-X by running all the light and pitot heat wires to the wing root exit points, and changing how Wig-wag is connected - in the old Ziptips they had to be grounded, were 18 AWG wires, and were associated with the landing lights, with the new ones they're 22 AWG wires connected to power and associated with the taxi lights, so I ran the wire out of the taxi light output of the VP-X. 

I then took on the tedious task of labeling the ground wires (which didn't come labeled from Stein) - which meant getting a probe into each device's ground pin, and then using the other to figure out which ground connector it was wired to, and since there were multiple wires per terminal, then cutting off the connector and figuring out which of those wires were for the device:

Tracing ground wires (multiple per terminal) before cutting off the terminals

Labels for all the ground wires

Labels on all the ground wires after tracing them

I also ran ground wires for the devices that didn't have them yet (fuel pumps, door sensors, GHA15, etc.), and then finally trimmed them all to size and attached faston terminals:

All ground wires shortened, labeled and with fast-on terminals

Ground wires connected to the forest of tabs on the firewall

(there's actually one ground wire left to run - the pitot heat ground - because I didn't have any black 14AWG handy - but I can easily slip that one through the existing wax lacing)

I ran the left-side signal wires through the conduit to the tailcone, connected the relay control wires, and attached terminals to the battery fault and hall effect sensor wires. These will get trimmed up front where I insert the breakout connector:

Primary power control wires in place in the tailcone

Next on the wiring, I'll add the side breakout CPC connectors and route the side wires where it doesn't interfere with the Aerosport panels.

Time lapse:

Total avionics rivets: 161
Total avionics time: 231.6h

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