FWF fuel system installed

I replaced the original EFII hoses between the cylinders with the much nicer Aircraft Specialty ones, and attached the hoses to the regulator and post filter:

Original FlyEFII fuel hoses connecting the injectors

Aircraft Specialty integral firesleeve hoses connecting the injectors and regulator

Aircraft Specialty integral firesleeve hoses connecting the injectors and post filter

To use the cross-over hose from AS, I had to thcange the fitting on cylinder 1 to an AN826-6D ($15.50 at Spruce - what happened to hardware prices!?):

AN826 fitting connecting the right forward injector to the cross-over hose

Multiple fittings to connect the left forward injector to the cross-over hose

I'm still puzzles by having to use 3 fittings and a shorter hose on cylinder 2, but they say it's for better fitting the cowl so I believe them. Some day I may change that to another AN826 and a normal-length hose, after I know exactly how the cowl fits there.

Attaching the post filter was quite annoying - I tried the special Adel clamp tool, but the bolt was too short for that, so we ended up developing a new technique for these (which I'm sure someone will say is wrong - but if it worked, is it?) - we compressed the clamps, then ran safety wire at the base of their flange to hold them closed, and with that it was (comparatively) easy to get the bolt and nut in place:
Securing the post filter to the engine mount with Adel clamps

Safety wire trick to tighten the post filter Adel clamps in place

Post filter secured in place

The fuel pressure regulator conveniently had a 1/8" NPT port on the side, so I installed the fuel pressure sensor there:

Fuel pressure regulator with fuel pressure sensor attached

With this, there are only a few finishing steps left for the FWF fuel system - supporting the engine hoses again, adding the induction system drain hole, and securing the cross-over hose.

Time lapse:

Total fuel system rivets: 7
Total fuel system time: 9.3h

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