Tailcone primary power system complete

I finished the last remaining items on the tailcone section by connecting the main power wires, starting with the external power port and relays:

Overvoltage crowbar and diode for external power port

Contactors, overvoltage crowbar, and external power port connected

The crowbar requires a circuit breaker (which is actually disengages external power when there's overvoltage), so I placed it on the upper portion of the baggage bulkhead to make sure no baggage would hit it (with a larger hole on the corrugation so it's removable without touching the breaker):

Overvoltage module circuit breaker going through the bulkhead and corrugation

Overvoltage module circuit breaker wired to relay and ground

I had originally planned to have a separate ground cable for each battery, but it quickly became apparent that this would cause trouble at the ground point, so instead I fabricated another copper bar to connect the two batteries:

Grounding point with too many cables coming from the same direction

Batteries with grounds connected by copper bar

I also installed the foam spacers that came with the EarthX batteries, by splitting them in half and attaching them to each side of the battery case (that leaves the side holes open for some ventilation):

Battery cases with spacer foam installed

I'll leave the actual battery installation and securing wires to be part of the avionics section since it also involves connecting the EFII battery wires, Hall Effect sensors, etc. and call this section fully complete.

Time lapse:

Total tailcone rivets: 1904
Total tailcone time: 246.3h

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