Aerosport rear seat fixup

I cut the pins to attach the rear seats:

Rear seats attached in place

I sent the seat backs to Aerosport to have them covered, and later received them back - they look great!

Aerosport seat bottom

An issue I found is that apparently they riveted a metal backing to the rear seats, without removing the plastic from the metal or deburring the metal - so I removed the rivets to clean it up:

Metal plate riveted to the rear seats by Aerosport WITH the plastic still on!

Once I removed the upholstery that covers that part and removed the rivets, a few different issues became apparent - not only did they leave plastic under the rivets and the full back side, but also the holes were not deburred, some rivets were set at an angle, they hit the seat back aluminum angles with the drill bit on every hole they drilled on the corrugation (this one is not a big deal, I admit, but them not being careful with my work was a bit upsetting), and some holes were below the minimum edge distance.

Aerosport rear seats after pulling up the upholstery

Plastic underneath the rivets that Aerosport set on the rear seats

Rivet set at an angle (one of many)

Hole without deburring (all of them)

Damage to the rear seat angle from drilling the corrugation (on all holes)

Plastic backing left on the back of the part that was riveted on

Rivet hole too close to the edge of the aluminum

All of this was true for both seats, so I can't believe it was an oversight. I reached out to Geoff from Aerosport with this feedback, so I'm confident it'll be addressed if it hasn't been already.

After fixing all of that and rounding the corners, I applied some primer and riveted the backing plates back on:

Aerosport backing plate with primer applied

Aerosport backing plate riveted back to the rear seat

Last but not least, while reassembling the seats I noticed one of the velcros on one of the seats was swapped (the same side was on both mating parts, which prevents attaching that bit (not a big deal, there's many other velcros around it that will secure the upholstery just fine):

Mismatched velcros on the backing plate

With this fixed, the only left for the rear seats is final-attaching them in place.

Time lapse:

Total rear seat rivets: 124
Total rear seat time: 17.9h

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