Wing tip attachment progress

I completed most of the attachment work on the right wingtip, including making and countersinking the hinge spacers, then trimming the remaining edges to just fit between the wing skin and the hinge.

Right wingtip after trimming, with both hinges attached

I then marked and drilled the wingtip inspection covers, and will later use Clickbond nutplates to secure them:

Wingtip inspection panel, marked and initial-drilled

Wingtip inspection panel match-drilled in place

I started work on the left wingtip, much the same way as the right:

Wingtip rib holes to accommodate light mounting

Hinges match-drilled from wing skins, including spacers and intermediate holes

Extended wingtip flange/jog for leveling the hinges

The left wingtip is not finished yet - once I get someone to help hold it in place for match-drilling from the wing skin, I'll be able to attach the hinges to it and finish up. The left wingtip also has one additional consideration - the Bob Archer NAV antenna which needs to have its ground plane extended through the hinges, so I'll need to remove some of the anodizing from those (probably parts of the bottom and the sides of the eyelets).

Time lapse:

Total wingtip time: 31.6h

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