Doors fully assembled

It was time to finish building the doors - starting with riveting the gas strut brackets:

Gas strut bracket riveted to the door

We painted them (primer, then Country Gray, then a layer of clear):

Painting doors

Painted door

It was then time to reassemble the door mechanism, this time permanently:

Door with latch mechanism and pull strap installed

Door with exterior handle installed

Door latch mechanism installed, showing green "latched" indicator

As expected, securing the rack pins through the hole was a major pain, especially since the handle covers actually interfere with it:

Installing pushrod/rack attachment pin with safety wire, through the tiny inspection hole

Before mounting the cabin cover and doors on, we painted the door "frame" to match the surrounding covers:

Painted mid-cabin deck and bulkheads

We also received the Cee Bailey's windows and windshield, so once the cabin cover is back on, I can install those.

Big box from Cee Bailey's

Next steps are installing the doors on permanently, and installing the transparencies - but that'll only come after the cabin cover is permanently on.

Time lapse:

Total cabin door rivets: 142
Total cabin door time: 184.9h

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