FWF kit is here

The FWF kit finally arrived, and was inventoried - almost everything was there. I did make a lot of exclusions, including many of the expensive items like alternator and governor, which explains the small box.

FWF kit 

Contents of the FWF kit

Full list of exclusions:
  • ES ALTERNATOR DELUXE - I'm getting a different one (plus the backup alt) with the engine
  • PROP GOV HZ IO-540 - I'm getting a different MT prop
  • CT BLK THROTTLE 47.5 - gonna use the throttle quadrant instead
  • CT BLUE VPROP 72.5 - gonna use the throttle quadrant instead
  • CT RED VMIXTURE 51.5 - the EFII System32 requires no mixture control
  • EA EXH 10 I(0)-540 - I got the exhaust from Custom Aircraft instead
  • Fuel and oil hoses (VA-102, VA-119, VA-133, VA-135, VA-138, VA-189, VA-190) - got the Aircraft Specialty hoses instead
  • VA-186 - already got this one with my fuselage kit
  • FAB-540 (air box) - getting the Showplanes induction instead
  • EA OIL COOLER 20006A - got the 2007X instead
I'll get started with the bits I can, but I'm still waiting for the engine.

Time lapse:

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