Left bottom wing skin done

I'm done riveting...the first wing :) The lower (forward) half was significantly easier and could be mostly done solo and in some cases even using the squeezer, but it's still significantly slower than "regular" riveting where you can see the shop head without taking pictures or using a mirror. I also saw no reason why the two outboard bays are riveted differently, so on the other wing I may just do it all the same way:

Left wing bottom skin fully riveted

Rivets inside the left wing

I also attached the backing plate for the Gretz Pitot mount to the skin, spar and rib:

Gretz pitot mount base plate riveted to the skin and rib through an angle

Now on to the other wing.

Time lapse:

Total bottom wing skin rivets: 991
Total bottom wing skin time: 90.5h

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