Forward fuselage access panels (OP-43)

I was planning on adding access panels forward of the windshield anyway (seems to be a common mod), so I was happy that Van's released an official OP kit for this (OP-43). It works pretty much like all access panels - match-drill the doublers, cut the skin, then file it all down until it fits well:

Doublers and covers atop the forward fuselage top skin

Forward fuselage top skin match-drilled for the doublers and marked for cutting

Forward fuselage top skin after cutting, with doublers and cover on

Whenever I do the next batch of primer, I'll include these so I can start riveting them (though I won't prime for rivet the top forward skin for quite some time still).

Time lapse:

Total forward fuselage access panel rivets: 0
Total forward fuselage access panel time: 4.3h

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