Brake lines mostly done

We started bending the brake lines - it was at first an exercise in patience, and our first attempt was definitely not good :)

Very irregular curve on our first attempt on making the brake line (left), vs a better result on the second (right)
Kink made during our first attempt on making a brake line

We persisted, and the second and third attempts were actually quite decent:

Firewall fittings connected to rigid brake lines

Rigid brake line bends
Rigid brake lines going down the firewall
Rigid brake lines going aft through the tunnel
With that done, I dimpled and riveted the ducted flanges to the tunnel:

Ducted flange riveted to the tunnel above the brake lines

For the tunnel-to-gear tubing (as well as the pedal tubing in section 38), I'm just getting the lines made by Aircraft Specialty, plus I need to torque all these fittings, so I'll have a short follow-up, but other than that this section is complete.

Time lapse:

Total brake line rivets: 8
Total brake line time: 6.5h

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