Vertical stabilizer completed, again

In my first tech counselor visit, quite a while ago, they identified that the rear spar caps in the vertical stabilizer were not properly deburred (not surprising, it was the first part I ever made):

Vertical stabilizer's poor deburring from 2014

After much hesitation, I decided to redo that rear spar and its attached parts, so I had a lot of rivets to remove:

Vertical stabilizer skin rivets to remove

For the 1/8" rivets that attached it to the ribs, I had to remove them through the shop head, but that turned out to work well with exactly the same technique - drill to some depth, break the head off, and then the actual rivet hole is evident to finish drilling:

Vertical stabilizer attachment to middle inspar rib being removed

After just a few minutes (easier than I expected), I had the whole thing off:

Old rear spar removed from the vertical stabilizer
I got the new parts from Van's, and got to work like it was 2014 again:

New rear spar being drilled

Since I already have the completed tailcone, I skipped ahead and final-drilled the VS rear spar into the tailcone now, so I could countersink the bottom holes and prime the whole thing:

Rear spar attached to the tailcone

Rear spar match-drilled and bolted onto the tailcone
Like before, I added a nutplate for the grounding strap, slightly closer to the brackets this time:

Grounding strap nutplate

After primer, I riveted everything back together:

Rear spar riveted together

Vertical stabilizer completely riveted again

The holes that attach to the middle inspar rib got cherry rivets (CR3213-4-2) instead:

Cherry rivets attaching the middle inspar rib to the rear spar
Overall, the results were a lot better than before (who knew, 5 years of building experience makes a difference :) ):

New (left) and old (right) rear spars

Time lapse:

Total vertical stabilizer rivets: 350 (I didn't count repeat rivets again, so no diff from last time)
Total vertical stabilizer time: 76.1h

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