Experimenting with paint for the interior

Even if I go with one of the many interior cover options, there are several parts that are still exposed in the fuselage's interior, which will need to be painted. I wanted a matte gray tone, and wanted something that I'm likely to be able to buy more of later (e.g. for touch-ups or future mods), so I picked up a few spray cans at Home Depot to test them out (and it's surprisingly hard to find spray paint without primer). I applied them on the bottom part of the baggage floor so it's not visible later:

Various paint types tested on the bottom of the baggage floor. Left to right: Rust-oleum chalked country gray, Rust-oleum chalked aged gray, Rust-oleum pro dark machine gray, Behr Chalk classic noir

I liked the 3rd color (dark machine gray) best, but it's unfortunately quite glossy (notice the reflection of the can on the paint), so I'll likely go with the first one (country gray) instead. The other two were matte but too dark or too light.

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