Mid-fuselage ribs and bottom skins complete

As the last bit left behind from section 26 (Mid-fuselage ribs and bottom skins), I got a new flap actuator bracket, match-drilled, deburred, primed and riveted it (interleaving those with tasks from section 40, to come in another post):

New flap actuator bracket clecoed in place

New flap actuator bracket and angle riveted in place

I also shortened the heat tee screw to give more clearance to the flap motor:

Heat tee with screwed marked for shortening

Heat tee with shortened screw
and then drilled the TAS antenna holes just below that:

TAS antenna hole on bottom fuselage skin
With this, section 26 is finally complete.

Time lapse:

Total mid-fuselage rib and bottom skin rivets: 1170
Total mid-fuselage rib and bottom skin time: 102.6h

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