Forward fuselage countersinking and inspection panel

I finished machine-countersinking forward-fuselage parts:

Machine-countersunk center section side plates

Machine-countersunk fuel valve flange brackets

I then continued to installing the tunnel inspection panel - this starts by drilling the rivet holes onto the tunnel rib:

Tunnel inspection panel rivet holes match-drilled

then marking and cutting the rib for the panel:

Tunnel rib with corners of panel opening drilled out

Cutting edges of the tunnel rib panel opening

Tunnel rib panel opening
After that I trimmed the hole slightly to make sure the cover plate fit nicely over the doubler:

Tunnel rib with backing plate clecoed on

Tunnel rib panel with cover plate on

I also got some work done on some parts that are officially done as part of section 28, but not used/installed until later for some reason:

Seat floor assemblies drilled, deburred and machine-countersunk.

Mid seat rail supports drilled, deburred and machine-countersunk
With this, most of these parts are ready for primer.

Time lapse:

Total forward fuselage bulkheads and ribs time: 34.5h

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