Wings are here!

I finally received my QB wings - two crates weighing a mere 780lb total (one ~520, one ~250).
I anticipated that getting them out of the truck and into the garage would be a challenge, so I got a few people to help:
The first crate - it's huge!
Unboxing! (take this, iPhone unboxing video authors!)
Ingredients: sheet metal wings
How do we get this inside?
More unboxing
The garage got pretty crowded after this
The contents of the smaller crate
Skins and center section were at the bottom
The whole thing certainly came well padded
Unwrapping of the ailerons
Lots of hardware to inventory
Counting/inventorying screws
Counting washers
Overall, the inventory went well, with just one missing nut and one missing washer.

Special thanks to Marko, Marcel, Guido and my wife for the help!

Time lapse:

Total wing unboxing/inventory time: 3.8h

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