Quickbuild wing verification

With the quickbuild wings, I'm still required to go through every single step in the manual and verify that it has been completed. That is a long, tedious process (though not nearly as long as actually executing the steps, of course), and the not-done steps are scattered around - in some cases, it's a hole that wasn't countersunk, a bolt that wasn't torqued or the tiedown bracket hole that wasn't tapped. In other cases, an entire section needs doing - that's the case for the Stall Warning System, Bottom Wing Skins, Aileron Actuation and Wing tip.
Lots of steps already done with the Quickbuild, and little details that need to be completed
I carefully walked through every step of every section in the new part of the manual, ticked off the completed ones and put a mark calling for the remaining steps to be done. Most of these steps can be completed in a day, and the full sections will probably take a lot longer.

I also still need to figure out a few of the mod installations (previous post talked about this, and I'll have one more later)

Time lapse:

Total verification time: 2.7h

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