Vertical stabilizer corrections

I had a few coworkers who are also builders review my riveting work so far, and that led me to make some fixes - mostly squeezing a bit more on a few undersqueezed rivets, replacing one rivet, and to be more careful with edge deburring in the future.

I mounted the conduit mod by using RTV black glue on the top attachment and fastening the conduit:

Conduit attachment to rib

Conduit attachment (bottom)

Conduit attachment (top)

Rivet that had to be replaced (cracked head)

This time I used a different squeezer, borrowed from a coworker, and it made all the difference - I'm definitely ordering one of these for myself:

The Main Squeeze

I also realized that I have one more missing detail before I can rivet the VS skins - I need to attach a VOR antenna to the top of the VS (the conduit will be helpful after all), so I'm researching antennas (post on that later) and will finish the assembly after that.

Time lapse:

Total vertical stabilizer time: 48.2h

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