Rudder part preparation

Worked on preparing (specially deburring) parts for the rudder today.

Deburred parts
I'm starting to think that the bench grinder is also not really optional, since edge deburring is taking me a long time (or maybe I'm just being too perfectionist about it).

Had some trouble countersinking the top holes in R-1015, first because the hole wasn't drilled to #30 size (and my countersink bit has a tip which expects the right size), then because that part is curved and didn't let me keep the microstop countersink flush - ended up drilling the hole to #30 (with the proper assembly) then countersinking by hand (using my deburring tool and the countersinking tip):

Those two holes took a lot of work to countersink
I also realized that the prop filter (which is a neutral density filter) on the camera was causing the video to be darker than it had to be (and as much as Youtube can do to fix it, the quality was still poor), so I switched the lens back to the original one - much better, and no Youtube filters needed:

Total rudder time: 5.5h

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