Back to work! More horizontal stabilizer and deburring

Now that I'm done studying for my checkride, I'm back to working on the RV :)

Some new tools arrived, including - finally - the primer and the Prekote! So expect priming tests and actual priming soon (I still need to buy the gun for priming)

Akzo 463-12-8 primer
Another important one that arrived is an additional deburring tool, with which I spent some time deburring those tight corners, such as between flanges.

New deburring tool
Finally, I got some more random steps of the horizontal stabilizer done (it was late, so didn't want to make much noise), like marking parts for trimming and clecoing some parts together.

Part marked for trimming and drilling
More work on Wednesday, after I'm back from a business trip.
As usual, time lapse of everything:

Total horizontal stabilizer time: 4.9h

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