Research: primer (wars)

After digesting a LOT of threads on primers at VansAirForce, discussing with a couple of other builders, and using all the chemistry I (didn't but should have) learned at university, I have decided that:

  • YES, I do want to prime all the inner parts
  • I'll leave priming of the outside skins for whoever paints the plane (I don't plan to do it myself)
  • I don't want a ten-step process that requires me to immerse the whole airplane in multiple tanks of nasty chemicals while passing 400V of electricity through them (i.e. no alumiprep/alodine/etc.)
  • I'm ok with dealing with ONE hazardous chemical if it's easy to deal with (e.g. no forced-air respirators required) and will give me significantly better corrosion protection than the non-hazardous ones
  • Preferably I'd like to use something standard (meaning, to use a process that others have tried and worked)
So, the verdict for my priming process is:
  1. Etch with maroon scotch brite
  2. Apply PreKote to prepare the surface (non-toxic, substitutes alodine)
  3. Apply Akzo 463-12-8 (epoxy 2-part primer - toxic, but also easy to use)

I'll be ordering the chemicals soon so we can move forward and finish the vertical stabilizer.

I'll leave some useful links for anyone trying to decide on primer - these seem to have somewhat concise information:

Comments box is open and any hints/tips/thoughts are appreciated, but also remember primer-flame-war type of comments will be ignored unless you present scientific data :)

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  1. Parabens! :) The real primer war regards how important it is for the finished parts to be *green* (as opposed to other wimpy colors like grey). You have that taken care of, so I'm sure your plane will be airworthy