Checklist editor

I was not very happy the existing options to edit checklists for the G3X (for one, because they were OS-specific), so I ended up making my own, web-based, and published it as open source here (it's usable directly from GitHub pages, just click the highlighted link after reading the disclaimer).

N425RP's checklist on the checklist editor

This was a fun little project, and I got to exercise some of what I knew about Angular and Typescript (and, as a backend developer, ugh, CSS). It also seemed pretty easy to do, so I added support for other checklist formats, like Dynon, AFS (almost the same as Dynon), and GRT.

This is a very first version, and as I said I'm not a web developer, so bug reports, pull requests, or any type of feedback, are more than welcome! 

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