More avionics progress

The CAN bus issue turned out to be very simple to fix - I was plugging Garmin's GSA28 removal adapter to the intermediate breakout connector behind the panel, but turns out that only acts as a terminator if pins 3 and 4 are connected together (I missed that detail on the manual) - adding that jumper got everything working, and I then spent a lot of time updating, testing and configuring the panel:

Termination jumper between pins 3 and 4 of the roll servo breakout connector

In the process I also found out that the White Lightning power supply I'm using has an auto-shutoff (by default, after 2.5h), but luckily that didn't happen in the middle of any of the updates:

White Lightning external power supply plugged in

I also updated the light switch labels for the Ziptip Vegas (some day when I make v2 of the panel inserts I'll have the actual engravings updated, as well as adding a dimming/maintenance switch):

Updated light switch labels for the Ziptip Vegas

I also trimmed the bottom part of the center panel to run engine cables and wires underneath it, making it roughtly 1/4" narrower than the center console that mates against it:

Bottom center panel marked where the center console joins it (arrows) and offset for trimming

Trimmed bottom center panel

I then connected the baggage light:

Baggage light connected and turned on

We installed the GHA15 radar altimeter, roughly underneath the fuel valve - this gives a couple feet of distance from the GA58 TAS antenna (plus the GHA15 operates at 24GHz, so ~23 harmonics apart from the GA58 which transmits at 1030MHz), and the 120-degree cone just barely clears the landing gear:

GHA15 installed underneath fuel valve

GHA15 attached to bottom skin

I installed the roll servo in place and ran its wires through the wing.

Roll AP servo installed in the wing

To connect the wing wiring, my plan is to install CPCs at the wing root, so I drilled the holes for those:

Left-side wing root connector holes

Right-side wing root connector holes

For fuel quantity sensors, the connection is right at the wing root, so no connector is needed, I just made a hole for the single wire to go through:

Fuel quantity wire coming out of the wing root area

I also ran the light wires through the wings, which was very easy to do with the conduits. I attached the Vegas Ziptip Molex pins, but will wait until the tips are here to attach the connectors so I know the right length and can add some sleeving to them:

Wingtip wires running through the wing conduits

Molex sockets for Aveo Ziptip Vegas

The overhead console switch pod was a really tight fit around the brace nuts, so I had to trim it slightly:

Interference between the Aerosport switch pod and the brace nuts

Trimmed switch pod to clear brace nuts

Switch pod clear of the brace nuts after trimming

Last but not least, I attached the EFII connectors to the firewall and tied the wire bundle together to avoid hitting anything:

EFII wire bundle and connectors attached to the firewall

EFII firewall connectors in place

Time lapse:

Total avionics rivets: 177
Total avionics time: 281.9h

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