Throttle and subpanel mounting

I haven't been too good at keeping the posts here going - this one should've gone out in December, and there's a lot of other work we've done that I haven't posted yet.

I match-drilled the throttle quadrant to the tunnel cover and adjusted it to be flush against the center console:

Throttle quadrant attachment match-drilled into tunnel cover

Throttle quadrant adjusted to center console

I also attached the headphone cord clips to the center console:

Center console insert with cord clips installed

We then primed and riveted the subpanel and nutplates for attaching the avionics:

Subpanel parts primed

Subpanel riveted together

The only part remaining for this section is actually riveting the subpanel and skin to the fuselage, which I'll do after the firewall penetrations are ready.

Time lapse:

Total upper forward fuselage rivets: 79
Total upper forward fuselage time: 55.1h

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