More avionics mounting

Since I had moved the essential bus bar one hole lower, I added the new bottom hole and nutplate (keeping the top hole for the fuel pump relay):

Additional hole for essential bus bar 

I also added nutplates for #8 screws to hold the main wiring harness through adel clamps, underneath the right side flange:

Panel with nutplates for holding the main wiring harness

Alternator regulators attached to panel ribs

Attaching FlyEFII ECUs to the panel ribs

FlyEFII ECUs and display turned on

FlyEFII ECUs attached to panel ribs

FlyEFII connectors attached to firewall

FlyEFII ECUs with connectors attached to firewall

For attaching the Bus manager, I used two of the same holes that attach the ECUs, plus another pair of holes for AN3s, and added nutplates (the plastic is pretty thick, and I used soft rivets for those) (I also had no L4 nutplates at hand, so had to order those):

Bus manager cover attached to mounting angles

Bus Manager cover with nutplates attached

Last but not least, I trimmed the side of the mounting angle to allow airflow out of the Bus Manager:

Bus manager mounting angle, trimmed for the fan opening

I finally obtained a CO Guardian 455, so I had to cut a hole for it on the bottom center insert - I laser-cut a template out of acrylic, then used that to cut the carbon fiber + metal insert:

Cutting the CO Guardian template from acrylic

CO Guardian template for cutting the bottom center panel insert

CO Guardian template over the bottom center panel insert

Bottom center panel insert, with opening for the CO Guardian

Bottom center panel insert with CO Guardian 455 installed

I had to slightly adjust the bottom center panel for that to fit:

Bottom center panel, trimmed to fit the CO Guardian

For mounting the GTR20 radio, I made a custom mount similar to the one Vans provides for the wingtip strobes, which lets me mount it in either direction, and attaches to the side of the tailcone:

GTR20 custom mount

GTR20 on the custom mount

GTR20 mount clecoed to the side of the tailcone

Time lapse:

Total avionics rivets: 83
Total avionics time: 87.1h

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