Panel substrate attachment

I received the Aerosport 310 panel (along with the rest of my avionics), so I started working on attaching the panel to the upper forwad fuselage. This meant cutting down the bottom panel brackets to attach only to the sides, and trimming the top of the panel a bit so it wouldn't hit the skin:

Heavily trimmed F-1003B bracket for attaching the panel

Panel attachment with the modified bracket

Forward side of the modified panel attachment bracket

Aerosport panel metal substrate clecoed in place

With the panel in place, I also attached the center panel attach flanges - the holes ended up a bit higher than I'd like, but still within margins for attaching the nutplates:

Center panel attachment flanges match-drilled in place

The holes that attach the panel to the side ribs are a bit lower, and any screw there would interfere with the carbon fiber panel, so I had to countersink those.

With this and having the panel, I can get started on section 41, which will likely mean some major surgery for the GTN to fit.

Time lapse:

Total upper forward fuselage time: 32.3h

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