Glareshield fan mounting

I got Noctua fans for cooling the panel equipment (+a bit of defrosting), and made doublers to attach them:

Hand-made doubler attached to the Noctua fan

I didn't like the result (there was a few gaps around the fan, and it was kind of irregular), so I instead laser-cut one, which fit perfectly:

Laser-cut fan doubler over the Noctua fan

I match-drilled/cut those to the forward top skin, right aft the center of each aft center section, leaving a wider cut for recessed screws:

Match-drilling the fan doubler in place

Fan cutout with the doubler in place

Finally, I deburred all the subpanel parts and put them away until I'm ready to install the avionics.

Time lapse:

Total S time: 22.7h

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