Both doors attached

I started working on the cabin cover door flanges for the McMaster seal:

Cabin cover door flanges trimmed for McMaster seal

Cabin cover door flanges trimmed flush for seal

I had ordered a couple of different versions of the McMaster seal (just 10ft of each, the minimum they sell) to try out sizes, and it looks like the 1120A313 was the best fit, but I still need to adjust the gap from the door to be uniform before I confirm that:

Test-fitting the McMaster 1120A313 seal

Test-fitting the McMaster 1120A591 seal

I also took the opportunity to test fit the Airward reinforcement, and to my own surprise, the bolt holes were straight enough that it fit easily:

Bottom side of the Airward door reinforcement

Top side of the Airward door reinforcement

I then started the other door. I used the same technique, by cutting slots around the door to find the right depth (until the slanted part of the cabin cover shows), except this time I knew what to expect so I was much more aggressive in how much I removed, starting with the scribe line and going deeper in many of them:

Left door in place with "sighting" slots

Left door taped in place for drilling the hinges

Left door hinges attached to the door

After the doors were sanded to fit, there were only a few small flaws in the bonding of the door halves that will need to be filled:

"Air bubble" that was left when the doors were bonded

With this, after only about 40 hours of sanding, the hardest part of the doors (getting them to fit) is done!! Lots of finishing left, plus the latch mechanism, seal gaps, etc. Measuring the window heights on both sides, the difference was minor (about 0.1" in the front, 0.05" in the back), so I'm happy with the results.

Time lapse:

Total cabin door rivets: 40
Total cabin door time: 99.1h

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