Control systems mostly done

We completed most of the control system assembly, starting with riveting and adjusting the pushrods:

Elevator pushrods riveted and adjusted for length

Safety wire to secure forward pushrod to control column

then installing the pushrods, control column and sticks:

Control column installed in place

Pushrods attached to elevator idler arm

Attaching sticks and pushrods

Sticks and pushrods installed

Finally, I was seeing some interference between the center pushrod and the tunnel hole, so I (at least temporarily) added some grommet edging to prevent having to touch up the primer there - if that turns out to be beyond the limits of the stick when everything is connected, I can easily remove it.

Center pushrod hitting the tunnel hole edge

Tunnel holes with grommet edging installed

With this, the only steps left from this section are to final-adjust the pushrod lengths (with the elevators actually connected) and torque the remaining bolts. Since I may still make changes to the battery mount (which houses the bellcrank), I'm leaving that for later.

Time lapse: 

Total control system rivets: 37
Total control system time: 15.2h

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