Rudder pedal and Beringer attachment

I drilled the rudder cable guides:

Plastic rudder cable guides

then removed rust from the pedals, rust-converted the interior of the tubes, and assembled them:

Rudder pedals assembled

Safety-wired bolts at the center of the rudder pedals

The holes in Beringer's provided bracket for the ALIR regulator, as expected, did not match the delrin bearing block from ControlApproach, so I duplicated it in .080 aluminum to drill new holes:

Original Beringer ALIR bracket (left) and duplicated one for drilling new holes (right)

Per Beringer's manual, I bent the bracket's tip so it hangs lower than the pedal tubes:

Bent ALIR bracket

I duplicated the regulator holes from the original bracket and checked that they still matched the regulator:

ALIR regulator attached to yet-uncut bent bracket

then match-drilled the ControlApproach block into the other end. One deviation from Berginer's suggestion here is that I'm mounting it outboard, since the ControlApproach pedal arms go inboard:

ALIR regulator and bracket installed underneath the rudder pedal brace

I also match-drilled the Beringer parking brake bracket to the (standard) left pedal bearing block, and switched the -22A bolts on these and the center blocks to -23A to account for the added thickness (even though Beringer's manual for some reason still calls for 22?):

Left bearing block mount plate, bearing block and the Beringer parking brake bracket

And then...I saw this post and the install instructions for the Aircraft Specialty hose kit, and changed my mind :) having the regulator on the right side would require the hose to go from side to side twice, so I decided to instead do a cleaner variation of what they did - to attach the bracket along with the regular bearing block mounting plate, I decided to make a combined part:

Outline of new bearing block mounting plate, combining the arms for mounting the ALIR regulator

Combined bearing block mount plate after rough cutting

Combined bearing block mount plate compared to original parts

Combined bearing block mount plate attached to longeron

Combined bearing block mount plate attached to longeron, bearing block and regulator

This is about the same weight as the original 2 parts (in spite of being .125 vs .080 for the original bracket, since it's also removing duplicate material), and is much simpler and less hacky. I didn't bend the arms this time - as long as I keep the pedal in the aft hole of the delrin block, there's no interference - and if I ever need to move it to the forward hole, then I can bend the arms.

I test-installed the pedals with all this, mostly to measure and try out the hoses:

Pedals installed in place with the combined bracket, regulator and parking brake

Regulator screws showing no interference with the pedal

Regulator showing no interference with the pedal or firewall

I still need to remove the left mount plate and prime it, and I can start looking at hoses - from Beringer's video they seem simple to make, but I have no way to pressure-test them, so I'll likely just order them from Aircraft Specialty or TS.

Time lapse:

Total rudder pedal rivets: 0
Total rudder pedal time: 7.8h

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