Baggage door riveting

I riveted the door frames and bracket to the skin, which required supporting it properly, but gave good results:

Frames and bracket clecoed to the skin

Frames and skin supported for riveting

Skin riveted to frames and bracket

Finding the right lock was a small quest - Van's only sells one along with an ignition switch, which I don't need, and I wanted something as flush as possible. I initially tried to find KABA-style cam locks, but finding one with the right size (5/8"-3/4" diameter, 5/8" length) proved to be just impossible. I ended up getting a few different ones from Amazon and mixing their parts - I used the cylinder from this one, the cam (bar) from this one, and the locking washer from this one (after flattening its "claws" and then introducing a slight curvature):

Mix of cam lock parts

Curved washer

Cam lock aseembled in door
With this in place, I riveted the inside close-out panel:

Door, fully riveted with close-out panel
Next is actually attaching the door, after the floors are riveted in.

Time lapse:

Total baggage door rivets: 114
Total baggage door time: 12.1h

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