Wing attachment started

There's a bit of fabrication in section 44 before actually attaching the wings, so even though I'm not in the hangar yet, I got started with that.

I final-drilled the wing root fairing stiffeners:

Wing root fairings with stiffeners attached
and also fluted the fairing supports into the right curve, then final-drilled them:

Wing root fairing supports

I had hoped to use the TCW tech fittings for the fuel line exit hole, but detected that it'll cause interference with the lower wing fairing root support, so another solution will be needed (which may mean trimming both the fitting and the root support a bit):

Interference between TcW tech machined fitting and lower wing fairing root support

I also trimmed the flap pushrods to the desired length, but that takes some tuning after the wings are on, so I can't finish it yet.

With this, the rest of the section has to wait until I'm ready to attach the wings, much later.

Time lapse:

Total wing attachment time: 4.5h

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