Fuselage longeron work

We continued with the dreaded section 29, and while it takes some effort to "refine" the parts into the proper shape (i.e. beat them into submission), it has worked out well, and all the longerons are formed and drilled:

Formed and drilled mid-fuselage longeron
Formed and drilled forward fuselage longeron
We failed to find appropriate wood (hardwood 2x4) locally to bend the skins, so we skipped to later steps for now while that comes in the mail. We aligned and match-drilled the baggage door seal angles to the mid-fuselage longeron:

Mid-fuselage longeron attached to baggage door seal

Mid-fuselage longeron attached to both baggage door seals
We then clecoed those longerons into position, and trimmed the lower flanges of the baggage door seal angles:

Mid-fuselage longerons and seat back brace clecoed into position

Trimmed flanges of the baggage door seal angles
We started putting the whole thing together for more match-drilling and to assert alignment:

As another random item from later on, I also bent the clips that attach the lower fuselage channels:

Still a lot to do, especially after that wood comes and we can actually bend and use the skins.

Time lapse:

Total fuselage side skin time: 22.2h

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