More on antenna positions

For antenna positioning, I tried to put the forward tunnel parts around the place they'd go, and reailze it gets really crammed in there (plus, forward of the fuel valve goes the EFII pumps, filter, etc.):

The forward tunnel gets pretty crowded
Photos of the fully-assembled tunnel from others also seem to confirm that.

so I'm now reconsidering the TAS antenna position - putting it in the aft tunnel may be well worth the trouble of running the cables to it, and on the upside that'd bring it close to being aligned with the top antenna - so I checked whether there's clearance for the cables below the pushrod, and there seems to be enough:

Potential position for the TAS antenna in the aft tunnel

Just to give me some margin for decision, I'm going to add doublers to both places, and decide later.

Furthermore, I looked at the G5 installation manual and realized that it has an internal antenna - unclear if that'll be enough, but I'll be holding off on adding a third GPS antenna for the time being, and if I do I may add it to the top of the dashboard, just for some installation diversity.

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