Forward fuselage skins and ribs deburring, fuel return path and bottom TAS antenna location

I finished deburring the remaining parts for the forward fuselage, and dimpled the ones that were already primed (the forward fuselage ribs):

Most forward fuselage ribs deburred parts

Deburring and trimming mid seat rail supports

Dimpled forward fuselage ribs
I also did some work in planning for the fuel system. Since I plan to use the EFII System32, I followed the steps from others who have run hoses for it, and may end up getting the hose kit from Aircraft Specialty, so I followed their instructions, starting with enlarging the systems brackets holes - the original one is the right size for a 1/2" snap bushing (plus another which is meant for brake lines and thus much smaller), but I'm planning to use 3/8" fuel hoses with grommets, so I enlarged it to 5/8" for the grommet). I did this by transferring the holes to a backing piece, enlarging them to the right direction on the backing piece (away from the screw hole and away from the top bracket edge), then transferring back with a unibit:

Transferred existing holes to a backing piece

Enlarged holes in backing piece, to transfer back to brackets

Enlarged systems bracket holes

Systems bracket with grommets
Of course I did screw up and had to re-make two of those top brackets :)

I also enlarged the forward fuselage rib holes to 9/16" for the fuel return lines:

Enlarged center hole for fuel return line (before deburring)
I added a hole for those lines through the side skins and center section side plates:

Hole position on the side skin for fuel return line 
Enlarged fuel return side skin/side plate hole
Per the post on antenna positions, I made an antenna doubler for each tunnel section:

Antenna on aft tunnel doubler

Forward tunnel doubler for TAS antenna
I'm not going to install the forward doubler just yet - the aft tunnel is harder to rivet in (with the heat tee over the spot), so I'll just add that one for now).

Next up, a bit more deburring and then primer and riveting to complete this section!

Time lapse:

Total forward fuselage ribs and bottom skins rivets: 0
Total forward fuselage ribs and bottom skins time: 61.3h

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