Mid-fuselage ribs started

I started section 26, Mid Fuselage Ribs and Bottom Skins.

The first steps were to break apart some parts, then put together the inboard seat ribs and match-drill/final-drill its holes:

Inboard seat rib subassembly with the flap actuator and seatbelt attachment brackets

Putting those together with the flap actuator bracket yields the first tunnel part:

Inboard seat rib subassembly

Flap actuator bracket between inboard seat ribs

I still need to further modify the flap actuator brackets to accomodate the newer flap motor (which has built-in position sensing), as those are supposed to be offset forward and up. I'll only actually have those motors in 4+ weeks when they ship it though, so that'll have to wait a bit.

That, along with the outboard seat ribs, got clecoed and match-drilled to the aft center section bulkhead assembly:

Aft center section bulkhead clecoed to inboard and outboard seat ribs
Next came the rear seat ribs (between the rear spar and the fuselage bulkhead subassemblies), which were all clecoed then match-drilled together, along with the rear seat belt attachments:

Rear seat ribs clecoed in place

Rear seat belt attachment points

Finally, I added and match-drilled the baggage ribs and step mounting brackets, and this now is starting to look like a fuselage:

Full aft assembly including baggage ribs and step mounting brackets
I now have a huge pile of parts (including the mid-fuselage bulkhead parts) to deburr and prime before I start riveting. I'll only match-drill the bottom skin once those are in their final position to avoid the difference in thickness from accumulating.

Time lapse:

Total mid-fuselage ribs and bottom skins rivets: 0
Total mid-fuselage ribs and bottom skins time: 11.4h

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