Mid-fuselage bulkhead fabrication almost done

After a quick trip to Germany, made a lot of progress on the mid-fuse bulkheads this weekend.

I started with the aft center bulkhead, which has bars at its ends for added structure:

Aft center bulkhead support bars
They also have two hat stiffeners, which I had to trim back to allow access to buck rivets next to it:

Trimmed hat stiffeners
I put the whole thing together, and did a lot of drilling:

Aft center bulkhead parts
Finally, this spar receives a plastic wear strip on top, which had to be cut to size, drilled then match-drilled to the spar:

Wear strip
I also did something similar for the rear spar bulkhead. This is the spar which attached to the rear of the wings, but I forgot to take pictures while it was still clecoed together:

Rear spar bulkhead parts
 Last there was the rearmost fuselage bulkhead, which was pretty simple and mostly gets done in later sections:

Fuselage bulkhead
Finally, I did a lot of deburring and all the countersinking that was left on these parts.

I also started thinking about how to run wires, pressure lines, oxygen lines, etc. between the forward and aft sections of the plane. I haven't decided on final routes yet, but it's clear that I need at least one more hole for conduits where the center spar is, so I added those to both bulkheads:

Third hole added to forward center section bulkheads

Third hole added to aft center section bulkheads
I plan to add a doubler to those bulkheads just for safety, so I'll enlarge them after the doubler is also in place.

Time lapse:

Total mid-fuselage bulkheads time: 18.9h

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