We're back (some bottom wing skin progress)

I've finally made some small progress on the bottom wing skins at the new house :) That said, I'll likely spend some time posting progress that happened before we moved that I hadn't had the time to upload yet.

The new workshop is set up, full with a new compressor:

New workshop
New compressor
I spent some time deburring the outboard bottom wing skins at the old place and started preparing the inboard nutplate holes - more than 6 months later, at the new place, I finally finished those and installed the nutplates:

Inboard nutplates installed
Dimpling the aftmost screw hole was a challenge, since the dimple die wouldn't fit there - I took a #8 screw dimple die and simply ground down the side until it fit:

Customized #8 dimple die which will fit to dimple the aftmost inboard nutplate screw hole

Small progress, but I'm back to work nonetheless.

Time lapse:

Total bottom wing skin time: 40h
Total bottom wing skin rivets: 430

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