We've moved!

We finally moved to the new house today.
I seriously considered the suggestion on VAF to move the airplane myself, but since we were hiring movers for a lot of other stuff anyway, we just had them take it. They did a pretty good job, and the only thing I had to ask them to do differently was to lay my flaps flat on the truck floor instead of on their trailing edges.
Garage all packed up and ready for moving!
Loading the wings onto the truck
Loading the tailcone
Goodbye, old workshop! You served me well, but I shall not miss you.
Unloading the (intact) wings
Moving the wings into the new garage
New workshop full of parts
A few of the smaller parts will still need to be taken by car (ailerons, vertical stabilizer, rudder, etc.), but all the large parts and a lot of the small stuff is already there.

Now on to putting the workshop together again to build on!

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