Tailcone ready for primer and mods

I finished all the drilling associated with the tailcone:
Fully-drilled tailcone
except enlarging two of the aft deck holes to #12 - I'm waiting for a longer #12 drill bit to arrive so I can reach them:
I also built the bellcrank:
I match-drilled the shoulder harness anchors:
Shoulder harness anchors in place
and also match-drilled the cover plate screw holes:
Match-drilled cover plate
After this, I started deburring the top skins, the shoulder harness anchors and the bellcrank and battery mount parts - those are ready for primer. More deburring and primer application to follow.

At this point, I started looking at the various mods - I'll make a separate post with more details and updates on them, but for now I installed the SafeAir static ports:
Static port (inside)
Static port (outside)
Countersunk static ports
I then started (and took a long time doing) planning for the other systems that will go in the tailcone, thinking where cables, wires and tubes will go - those details will be in the follow-up post on that subject.

Time lapse:

Total tailcone time: 54.7h

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