Elevator riveting done!

I finished riveting and bending the trim tab bottom flanges:
Bottom flange of the trim tab spars riveted to the skins
as well as the tip ribs:
Tip rib assembly riveted to the front spar
Then riveted the elevator half of the trim tab hinges:
Trim tab hinge riveted to the elevator
Riveting elevator hinge
Finally, it was time for sealant, which we did on both the elevators (foam ribs and edge wedges) and the trim tabs (foam ribs):
Wife applying tank sealant to the foam ribs
Wife spreading tank sealant in a thin layer
Foam rib set inside the elevator
I let the elevators rest with weight on them for the sealant to cure:
Weights on the parts with tank selant, for it to cure
and the trim tabs clamped between the clamp blocks (the countersunk holes on the spar were too large for clecos - not an issue later since they're squeezed between the skins and hinges, but I had to use regular clamps for now):
Clamped trim tabs left to cure
After a few days of sealant curing, I riveted those trailing edges:
Riveted trailing edge
as well as the shear brackets and tip ribs:
Riveted tip ribs
Riveting the tip rib aft of the rear spar
Finally, I drilled andthe trim tab half of the hinges:
Test fit of the drilled trim tab hinges
then trimmed the trim tab hinges to match their shape:

Deburred/trimmed trim tab hinges
 and riveted them to the trim tabs, which I attached to the elevators:
Elevator with trim tab in place
Rinse, repeat for the other elevator:
Two elevators with trim tabs in place
Next are a few non-riveting tasks, like bending and securing the hinge pins, securing the counterweights and folding the leading edges (yes, there are rivets there, but those are pop rivets so they barely count :) ).

Time lapse:

Total elevators time: 186.8h
Total elevators rivets: 1504


  1. You mastered the tank sealant schmoo! Congratulations! Now you can build anything!

    1. Thanks! :)
      "Mastered" is a too strong a statement though - I never tested that it actually seals anything. On the part where you build the real fuel tank, you have to check for leaks, and people's first experience is usually "start filling it with water and your feet are instantly wet".

    2. Do you have two elevator trim tabs?

    3. Yes, the RV-10 has two trim tabs, and each moves slightly differently.