Elevator priming and riveting progress

We decided to prime the elevator parts on the 26th with the usual process - scrub with prekote, wash, dry, remark, then prime, all outside:
Elevator parts ready for PreKote and primer
That was a mistake - it was ~40˚F outside, and playing with water was just...not cool (or rather, very cool). We scrubbed/washed about half of the left-side elevator structure parts, then realized it wouldn't work - parts weren't drying, the sun was going down, we were wet and freezing (and the cabin heat is only built in a much later stage :) ).

We ultimately decided to finish PreKote on the skins only (we had also already done about half of the small parts):
A few parts that we managed to scrub with PreKote
Then we realized the second mistake - even though PreKote can be used between 40˚F and 110˚F, the primer specs say it should only be applied with a temperature between 59˚F and 95˚F. This forced us to wait for warmer weather (and I also got a heater for the garage, which makes it comfy and helps the primer cure at a controlled temperature). 2 days later, I finally primed those parts (temperature was just barely the minimum, but good enough, and results were satisfactory):
Primed elevator parts
Another minor mistake here - I primed the outside of the E-913 Counterbalance Skin, which actually sits on the exterior:
Oops, I shouldn't have primed the outside of this part
I guess I can worry about that much later when the plane is painted. I'll be sure not to do the same on the other side.

Many parts were still left to be primed, and the forecast showed only 1 day when the temperature was going to be consistently above 60˚F for a few hours (12/02):
Forecast from wunderground.com
I took that day off and primed a few more parts:
Preparing for the second primer session - didn't have time to finish all of these
Results from the second primer session
With still some parts left to prime (notably the spars), I started dimpling and riveting on the ones already primed, and set 111 rivets so far:
Reinforcement plate riveted with its nutplates
Rib halves being riveted to the left bottom skin
Cover plate attachment point (other side of reinforcement plate), all riveted
Next I'll repeat the process for the other 3 skins, and continue waiting for weather for primer on the spars.

Time lapse:

Total elevators time: 78.7h
Total elevators rivets: 111

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