Vertical Stabilizer priming

We finally got to the point of priming the vertical stabilizer. We realized we needed a larger table/bench for this, so we used the lid from the empennage kit box.

Wife mixing the Akzo
For all the markings that could be unambiguously redone, I simply took pictures to make the process easier:

Markings to be preserved photographically (i.e. I can redo them easily from the picture)

I also found a few holes and edges which I had not deburred properly, so I did that before priming.
We started getting a good sense of how much primer is needed for the parts - we mixed 4oz and that covered the parts just right, on a single side - so another 4oz was the right second mix to do the other side.

Primed parts
While the skin wasn't primed yet, this is enough to assemble and rivet most of the VS structure. More priming to come soon...

Time lapse:

Total vertical stabilizer time: 31.2h

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