First rivet is in! (plus VS dimpling)

Now that the main structure of the vertical stabilizer is primed, I went ahead and dimpled it:

Lots of dimpled holes
I later found out about Cleaveland's substructure dimple die, which makes a lot of sense to use, so I ordered that and will use it instead of the regular die in the future (I may or may not redo these using that one).

After the dimpling, I decided to go ahead and follow the next step in the instructions, which is to rivet the rudder stops to the upper hinge bracket:

First 6 rivets! Only 102938102938 to go :p

It even turned out to be the correct size for the shop heads :)
I could have gone on riveting the other parts, but there's a small primer fix needed on the rear spar (somehow I forgot to deburr the flange edges, so had to redo it which removed the primer) before I can continue.

Time lapse:

Total vertical stabilizer time: 34.1h

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